Certification Committee

The Certification Examination committee arranges and proctors ASQ professional certifications examinations.

To learn more about the Certification committee chair's responsibilities, visit the Committee Chair Description section of this page.
Raj Partha Sarathy (certification@asq-foxvalley.org), Chair

If you would like information about exam preparation classes, visit out Education page.

If you need information about recertification, visit our Recertification page.


Certification examination are computer-based and taken in designated centers during fixed periods during the year. Full details may be found on the ASQ certification site.

 Once your portfolio has been reviewed and approved by the MBB panel, you will receive and email from ASQ authorizing you to apply for the Master Black Belt exam.

Examination Registration Information
Since June 2016, ASQ has switched to a computer-based exam administration from a paper-based exam administrations. However, paper-based exams may still administered in certain countries outside the United States, and in certain special circumstances within the United States. You may register for examinations on the ASQ website. Click on the certification you are interested in and click on “Apply for certification” to register for the examination. You may also contact the national office at 800-248-1946 to register.

The locations in the table are tentative and subject to change. The confirmed exam location will be stated on the admission letter you receive from ASQ approximately one month prior to the exam date


Committee Chair Duties and Responsibilities


  • Work with and act as a liason between the section Leadership Committee (SLC) and ASQ headquarters to support the administration of ASQ certification exams

  • Function as the main information source at the section level for certification exam administrations - gather information pertaining to certification exams and disseminate such information to the section leadership committee (SLC) and prospective exam candidates through face-to-face interactions, emails and newsletter articles

  • Function as the chief proctor for ASQ certification exam administration if and when paper based exams are administered

  • If and when paper based exams are administered, manage all administrative duties relating to the hosting of the ASQ certification exams, including securing assistant proctors and helpers, and adhering to headquarters’ timelines relating to certification exams

  • If and when paper based exams are administered, manage the paperwork relating to assistant proctors and helpers, including the awarding of CEUs, and returning such paperwork to the appropriate contact at ASQ headquarters for filing

  • If and when paper based exams are administered, work with the exam site managers and the contact person(s) at ASQ headquarters to create and maintain insurance and other paperwork for every exam administration

  • Maintain a professional working relationship with the certification exam coordinator and other appropriate staff at the ASQ headquarters

  • Attend SLC and regular section meetings and be the primary spokesperson for the section activities relating to the ASQ certification exams

  • Obtain data pertaining to the ASQ certification exams from the ASQ headquarters in Milwaukee and appropriately disseminate this information at SLC meetings and in the chapter newsletter

  • Work with the SLC to identify and recognize when appropriate, section members that have passed various certification exams

  • Support the Education Chair and SLC in planning for holding refresher courses for the ASQ certification exams by providing information about certification exam updates, trends and other current information pertaining to certification exams, and suggesting refresher/continuing education courses

  • Periodically update the certification committee chairman duties and responsibilities in tune with changes made by ASQ headquarters to the exam administration methods and policies

  • Uphold Society Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and Section Operating Agreement



Committee Chair Qualifications


  • Active ASQ member in good standing

  • Must be thoroughly familiar with the general process of conducting ASQ certification exams

  • Preferably a current or past ASQ leadership committee (SLC) member who knows about the role and functioning of committee chairs

  • Should possess excellent communication skills and the ability to develop relationships with others; must function with a high level of responsibility, accountabilty and professionalism

  • Should have earned at least one ASQ certification which is current (expired certifications do not count)