Audit Chair Position Description

One year: January 1 to December 31

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with section leadership committee (SLC) to set goals/metrics to support the section's management process as it relates to auditing responsibilities
  • Communicate/report to the SLC activities performed, status of performance against goals/metric set, etc. for auditing responsibilities
  • Work with section treasurer to audit section books on a quarterly basis
  • Work with section treasurer to audit section books at the end of the fiscal year, including financial records and accounts, receipts and disbursements etc.
  • Recommend necessary improvements to internal control elements
  • Assist with preparation of budget estimates for the next fiscal year
  • Request required materials from the section chair or treasurer and reconcile records
  • In July coordinate audit of the records with the section treasurer. The financial reports are due to headquarters by August 15. (The new audit chair coordinates the audit of the previous fiscal year)
  • From March to May begin mentoring and working with the incoming auditing chair.
  • Attend SLC and general membership meetings
  • Uphold society bylaws, policies and procedures, and section operating agreement



  • Must be an ASQ member affiliated with the section
  • Preferably will have been a participant in section committee activities
  • Only basic understanding of budgeting and accounting principles


Time Commitment
Approximately two to three hours per month (outside of section and executive committee meetings)