SLC Chair

One year: January 1 to December 31

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Preside over all section leadership committee (SLC) and member meetings
  • Appoint all standing and additional committee chairs
  • Ensure that the section meets the minimum requirements as requested annually by the Section Affairs Council
  • Work with SLC to set goals/metrics to support the section management process (QMP)
  • Ensure that the SLC report on activities performed, status of performance against goals/metric set, etc.
  • Participate in quarterly regional conference calls, or appoint other appropriate section member leaders
  • Along with SLC, develop section business plan and budget, including SLC and general membership meetings schedules. It is recommended that sections review the QMP manual for guidance when developing budgets, plans, and section goals
  • Call and attend all SLC meetings. The SLC is required to meet at least once per calendar quarter (in-person, teleconference, web conference, etc.) At the meeting, it is recommended that the following items, at a minimum, be covered:
    • Approval of the minutes of last meeting. Minutes are taken by the secretary
    • Monthly and quarterly financial report from treasurer
    • Status of any sponsored subsections or student branches
    • Section business plan and status of section projects and activities, including committee reports
  • Submit and update the section officer and committee lists with HQ via the online submission form
  • Uphold society bylaws, policies and procedures, and section operating agreement



  • Must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow ASQ member in good standing affiliated with the section
  • Preferably will have served as chair-elect or vice chair in the year immediately preceding the term as chair
  • Must have basic knowledge of society bylaws, policies, and procedures, and section operations
  • Preferably will have some prior experience in budgeting and business planning
  • Must be willing to provide contact information for Society and section business purposes
  • Must be willing to provide e-mail address to headquarters for communication
  • Must possess leadership, management and organizational skills


Time Commitment
Approximately six to eight hours per month (outside of section and executive committee