Treasurer Position Description

General Description
Oversee section funds. Maintain accurate section financial records. Report on financial condition of the section at times directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures.

One year: January 1 to December 31

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with section leadership committee (SLC) to set goals/metrics to support the section's management processes as they relate to section financial responsibilities
  • Communicate/report to the SLC activities performed, status of performance against goals/metric set, etc. for section financial responsibilities
  • Maintain the section finances; make and record deposits and retain custody of all funds belonging to the section; authorize dispensing of section funds for eligible expenses
  • Develop the section budget with the SLC; monitor the section budget and maintain accurate records of all receipts, bills, and disbursements
  • Maintain current financial records for any subsections and/or student branches sponsored by the section
  • Attend all SLC meetings and general membership meetings
  • Provide SLC with monthly and quarterly treasury reports. Submit the required quarterly report and internal controls questionnaire by April 30, July 31, and October 31
  • Submit quarterly financial reports to the society
  • Submit the previous calendar year's information for the 1099 tax form to headquarters accounting department by January
  • Prepare section annual report, coordinate audit of the report and submit to the society by February 15. Note: Due to the timing, the annual report submitted each year is for the previous treasurer's term. For this reason, it is essential to develop a succession plan and keep excellent records that can be passed on to the incoming treasurer. If possible, the previous treasurer may offer assistance to the current treasurer in the annual preparation of the financial report
  • All officers are responsible for submitting and updating the section officer and committee lists with society headquarters via an online submission form
  • Uphold society bylaws, policies and procedures, and the section operating agreement



  • Must be a Full, Senior, or Fellow Member in good standing
  • Preferably will have been a participant in section committee activities
  • Should have an understanding of budgeting and a basic understanding of accounting principles
  • Knowledge of financial/spreadsheet software helpful
  • Must be willing to provide an e-mail address to headquarters for communication


Time Commitment
Approximately four to six hours per month (outside of section and executive committee meetings)