Depreciated as ASQ has assumed full control of certification exams

Congratulations on passing your certification exam. ASQ requires ongoing professional development to retain many certifications. 

What is involved in recertifying your quality achievment?

The process flow is as follows:

Recertification Time Cycle Example

You may apply for recertification up to six months before, or after your recertification date. (The six months after your recertification date is a "grace period"," so that you may collect your documentations and submit your journal packet along with payment).

Credits collected after your recertification date will apply toward your next recertification application.

 2019 Recertification Process - ASQ Announcement

Dear Certification Holder,

To provide a user-friendly, secure, and more efficient and consistent recertification experience, ASQ has made significant improvements and enhancements to the recertification process that will require all certification holders to use ASQ's online recertification app starting January 1, 2019.

Among other features, the new process will deliver consistency in processing and provide a dashboard, recertification unit tracker, the opportunity to drag-and-drop documents, and a user-friendly interface with a complete document history. The online app also will automatically integrate recertification units directly into your account for activities such as ASQ Membership and Certification.

This decision to move to a secure online platform was based on a several factors.

First, ASQ conducted research in late 2017, collecting voice of the customer feedback that explored many facets of the recertification experience that drove communication and functional enhancements. Additionally, the decision was made based on new data privacy laws that mandate how ASQ protects customer information. Lastly, the decision relates to ASQ Certification workgroup pursuing ISO 17024 accreditation, which has established standards for recertification quality control.

The changes that are being implemented will provide customers greater value and a more consistent, rewarding experience.

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If you are interested in learning more about professional certifications, please visit our Certification page, the ASQ Certification page, or e-mail our Certification committee chair.