Member Area

Note to new members

ASQ updates section member information once a month. If you recently joined ASQ, have not received a welcome email from the section, and need a login, please send a message to [email protected]. Provide your name, member id, and email address to receive your credentials.  If you provided an email adress to ASQ, use that address.

If you change ASQ Email Opt In/Out Setting
Receiving section communications - newsletters, education opportunities, annual survey - is controlled by your Section Communication opt in/out setting with*. An email address is needed to use the Forgot Username/Password? link on this page. If you opt out of receiving section communications, your email address will be removed, and you will not be able to use the link.

If you encounter this situation or if you want to proactively avoid this problem while stopping receipt of section email, opt in at* with the email address to which you want credential messages sent then contact [email protected] and provide (1) that email address and (2) that you no longer want to receive section email. We will drop you from section email while retaining your address for credential recovery.

*See FAQs for more information.