Where do I send my recertification materials?

Recertification is done by ASQ. For more information, see https://asq.org/cert/recertification


How do I become a Senior or Fellow Member?
Senior and Fellow membership upgrade information may be found on the ASQ site. If you have any questions please contact our Membership Chair.

Email Management

Why did I get an email address verification letter?
Our hosting service has added an email address verification application to help maintain the Fox Valley section's email reputation with email security services. If you open an email from us, your address is automatically verified. If you receive a verification message, something is wrong.

What happens if your email address is not verified

If your email address is not verified and the number of bounces we receive exceeds the threshhold, your email address will be removed from our general email distribution list and you will no longer receive newsletters, education opportunity announcements, and similar communications. You will continue to receive individual messages, such as registration receipts.

How to verify your email address

Before you re-verify your email address, try to resolve the cause. If your email address has changed or if you do not want to receive messages from the section, see the next FAQ. If your email address has not changed, you should white list the address before clicking the link in the verification message. Depending on your email server, you may need to contact them for directions.

White listing
Our service provider suggests white listing the following:

  • starchapteremailhost2.com
  • hostemail1.starchapterhost.com
  • hostmailbox1.starchapterhost.com
  • hostapp1.starchapterhost.com
  • hostapp2.starchapterhost.com
  • hostapp3.starchapterhost.com
  • hostapp4.starchapterhost.com
  • starchaptermail.com
  • [email protected]


More on bounces

There are two kinds of bounces - hard and soft. A hard bounce means an element of the network or the receiving email server has rejected the email, usually because the destination domain or the emaill address no longer exist or the email server has completely blocked delivery. Your email address will be removed if we receive a hard bounce. If your email address has changed or the email system you use will no longer accept email from asq-foxvalley.org and you wish to continue to receive email from the section, see the next FAQ for details on updating your email address with ASQ.

A soft bounce is usually temporary and usually caused by a full mailbox, email server is down, or email message is too large. We do not remove the email address until the bounce threshhold has been exceeded. We will send several messages to request that you verify your email address before we remove it from our general distribution list.

How do I change my email preferences?
ASQ allows you to opt in and out of receiving different types of email. If your email address changes or if you want to change the email you receive, please update your information. To receive section email, such as meeting announcements:



  • Select the Opt In/Out link


  • Click the Edit button, then set or rest the checkbox for Section Communication
  • Click the Save button at the bottom of the page