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If you are interested in chairing or becoming a member of any committee. please use the email link to contact that committee's chair, or contact the section chair.

Chair Chris Gay
[email protected]
The chair oversees the management of the section and presides over SectionLeadership Committee meetings.
Vice Chair Open
[email protected]
The vice-chair assists the chair in leading the section. The vice-chair generally assumes the role of Chair when the Chair's term ends.

The vice-chair Identifies section award candidates and develops methods to recognize section members and others who have contributed to the section, ASQ, or quality as a whole.
Secretary Juli Stoiber [email protected]
The section secretary is responsible for attending SLC meetings and recording all meeting minutes. The secretary will maintain careful and authentic records of the section's business meetings. The secretary will have maintain copies of past meeting minutes and have these available to the section and SLC members.
Treasurer Thaddaeus Carr [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer Hector Rodriguez
Oversees section funds. Maintain accurate section financial records. Reports on financial condition of the section at times directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures.
Chair-emeritus Mohammad Khan [email protected]
Most senior member of the Section Leadership committee. Advises the SLC chair, leadership committee, and other offices and chairs as requested.
Arrangements Jeff Seyl [email protected]
Oversees arrangements for all regular meetings of the section and other special programs and conferences as assigned by the Section Leadership Committee (SLC) or other committee chairs.
Audit Craig Heinze
[email protected]
Hector Rodriguez
Works with section treasurer to audit section books at the end of the fiscal year, including financial records and accounts, receipts and disbursements.
Education Charles Gates [email protected]
Ken Place
The Education Committee is responsible for all education related activities.
Internet Alan Berow [email protected]
The Internet Committee is responsible for the IT needs of the section, including this site, the section's ASQ SharePoint site, and the section's mini-site on ASQ.org.
Marketing Craig Heinz [email protected]
Promotes ASQ and other quality-related events in value-added media venues. The goal is to promote awareness and draw new members. This includes scholarship opportunities and recognition, an area typically underutilized by the population at large.
Membership Mohammad A. H. Khan [email protected]
Drives section recruitment and retention efforts. Develop and implements plans to maximize membership renewal and encourage interested persons to join ASQ. Upholds Society bylaws, policies and procedures, and section operating agreement.
Networking David McDonald [email protected]
Coordinates the section's job placement program to facilitate access to professional opportunities for section members and assist area companies with recruiting quality professionals.
Newsletter Paul Suffredin
[email protected]
Establish and adhere to a publication calendar for the newsletter and share this information with other volunteers who will need to submit content throughout the year.
Nominations John Goerner [email protected]
Identifies candidates for elected positions, manages the election proccess, and assists in identifying candidates for committee chairs and members in conformance to the ASQ Section Operating Agreement.
Performance Excellence Program Randy Stadtfeld [email protected]
Work with SLC to develop and manage the PEP Business Plan and Budgets for the section.
Process Improvement Ken Place [email protected]
Leads projects to improve the section's operations and services to members.
Programs Hector Rodriguez [email protected]
Chris Gay
Works with the section leadership committee to set goals/metrics to support the section's management process as they relate to soliciting speakers to match topics, and scheduling/planning of programs, events and activities.
Scholarship Rene Webb [email protected]
Bob Kutter
Mohammad A. H. Khan
David McDonald
Manages the section's scholarship program.
SLC Meeting Coordinator
Raj Partha Sarathy [email protected]
Acquires meeting facility and notifies SLC, arranges food and other services for the meeting, and manages all other activities needed for the SLC meetings
Social Media Greg Zimmerman
[email protected]
Manages section's social media programs and presence.
Student Branch Counselor Charles Gates [email protected]
Facilitates student organizations in the creation and operation of ASQ stdent branches associated with the section. Voice of student branches to the SLC. Coordinates activities between student branches and the section.
Voice of the Customer Thomas Kozlowski [email protected]
Collects and analyzes voice of the customer data to recommend section programs and services.